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Closed for inventory...

Dear Music Lover –

the time has come for our yearly inventory. This means that we can neither take in nor remove anything from stock until all discs have been counted.
For that reason the BIS online store has to be closed between 23rd June (evening) and 30th June. We will eagerly open for selling again on 1st July 2022.

He who waits for something good (e.g. our forthcoming July releases!), never waits too long.

P.S.: For the coming year, BIS's CEO Robert von Bahr - pictured here during his having-counted-the-first half-a-million-discs break - hopes to keep the PayPal transactions to a minimum. The reason is the charges they impose on us as a seller.

So - once you resume ordering, please consider using the VISA/Mastercard/Eurocard option. Thanks in advance!

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