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Amavi - music for viols and voices by Michael East

Composer Michael East
Jill Jarman
Performer Fieri Consort
Chelys Consort of Viols
Period Renaissance
Catalogue Number BIS-2503 SACD
EAN 7318599925035
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
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Release date Jan 2021
Total time 71'14

Running through this album is a path from despair and sin through revelation, repentance and belief, to life, triumph and finally love. The stations on the way are eight five-part fantasias for viols by Michael East (1580–1648), unusual in that each of them has a Latin title – from Desperavi to Amavi. &&&In his time, East was one of England’s most published composers with seven books of his compositions in print, all of them containing music for viols and voices. The fantasias are here performed by the five members of Chelys Consort of Viols, who together with the singers in Fieri Consort have selected vocal items by East to complement each of the instrumental pieces.

Both sacred and secular, these include so-called verse anthems with music alternating between solo sections (the ‘verse’) and the full choir, with an accompaniment provided either by organ or a consort of viols. But the viols also join in in the madrigals, following the description of the contents on the title page of East’s Fourth Set of Bookes: ‘apt for viols and voyces’. Regretting the lack of modern repertoire for this combination the performers have also commissioned a new piece by the composer Jill Jarman. Setting a verse by Sir Henry Wotton, a contemporary of East, Now are my thoughts at peace sums up the journey of the fantasias from Desperavi to Amavi, 400 years after they were written.
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01 Desperavi 4'09
02 When David heard 4'52
03 Peccavi 4'03
04 Turn thy face 3'25
05 O give me the comfort of thy help again 3'13
06 Vidi 3'33
07 Hence stars too dim of light 2'15
08 Penitet 3'46
09 Farewell sweet woods 3'16
10 Credidi 3'44
11 O Lord of whom I do depend 2'00
12 Vixi 3'37
13 Life tell me 2'50
14 Triumphavi 4'04
15 O clap your hands 3'23
16 God is gone up 3'22
17 Amavi 6'07
18 When I lament 2'52
19 Now are my thoughts at peace 4'52
  Album total 71'14
ComposerEast, Michael
Jarman, Jill
Vocal ensembleFieri Consort

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