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c/o chamber orchestra

Working from the beginning without a conductor, the c/o chamber orchestra takes its name from the idea of stewardship and responsibility. A letter addressed with ‘c/o’ does not arrive directly but is passed on in the care of another. A composer puts pen to paper, but it only becomes music when brought to life by musicians – each and every performance anew. The collaborative process of seeing that responsibility through, and all of the unique challenges and opportunities that come with it, is at the heart of the orchestra’s work. c/o takes the idea of being a ‘chamber’ orchestra seriously. Chamber music entails being both clear and flexible, leading and following, knowing when to step forward and when to step back. It is both a single group and a collection of individual artists. The musicians come from throughout Europe, from over a dozen different countries. Without one leader providing a single vision, the voices and personalities of each musician combine, negotiate, struggle and forge a distinctive way forward together, all in search of that musical moment when it suddenly becomes clear exactly what the work is trying to communicate. It is that moment that is unmistakably c/o. 

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