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The Musical Treasures of Leufsta Bruk: Vol.3

Composer Anonymous
F.I. de Boeck
Jonas Dominique
Conrad Friedrich Hurlebusch
Hinrich Philip Johnsen
Pierre-Alexandre Monsigny
Performer Elin Rombo
Maria Lindal, conductor
Period Baroque
Catalogue Number BIS-2354 SACD
EAN 7318599923543
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
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Release date May 2019
Total time 61'18

An important centre for iron production in 17th-century Sweden, Leufsta Bruk came into the hands of the De Geers, a Dutch family, in the 1640s. In 1730 the young Charles De Geer inherited the estate and the ironworks, and it was here that he kept his extensive collection of sheet music, including many volumes imported from Amsterdam but also works by composers based in or visiting Sweden, such as &&& Hinrich Philip Johnsen and Conrad Friedrich Hurlebusch.

Charles played the cello and the harpsichord, and it is probable that much of the music in the Leufsta collection will have been performed by members of the De Geer family themselves. The collection, now housed in the library of the University of Uppsala, thus offers fascinating insights into domestic music-making in 18th-century Sweden. This is the third disc to present music from the collection, and the first to focus on vocal music. It also features the famous organ in the church belonging to the estate, built in 1728 by Johan Niclas Cahman. Ranging from Swedish chorales to French opera, the varied selection is performed by soprano Elin Rombo and members of Rebaroque, one of the leading baroque ensembles in Sweden.
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  ur Den svenska psalmboken
  Ur Den svenska psalmboken 10'15
01 På dig jag hoppas, Herre kär 2'19
02 Jesu du är vår salighet 1'01
03 Ande ifrån ovan 2'11
04 O Gud, det är en hjärtans tröst 2'28
05 Så skön och ljuvlig 2'16
  F.I. de Boeck
  Sonata V in G minor 10'32
06 I. Adagio 1'29
07 II. Allegro 4'04
08 III. Aria cantabile 2'36
09 IV. Vivace 2'23
  Conrad Friedrich Hurlebusch
  Cantata I 11'29
10 Recitativo: Tu parti idolo mio… 0'50
11 Aria: Vanne ingrata 4'35
12 Recitativo and Aria: Ma folle e non m’accorgo… 6'04
  Hinrich Philip Johnsen
  Kyrko-Musique på Påsk-Dagen 1757 17'15
13 Grave 1'17
14 Allegro 1'47
15 För predikan 5'04
16 Efter predikan 7'42
17 Till utgång 1'25
  Pierre-Alexandre Monsigny
18 Ariette: Jusque dans la moindre chose 3'00
19 Aria: Wackra sol 3'50
20 På dig jag hoppas, Herre kär 2'22
  Album total 61'18
Boeck, F.I. de
Hurlebusch, Conrad Friedrich
Johnsen, Hinrich Philip
Monsigny, Pierre-Alexandre
ur Den svenska psalmboken
ArrangerDominique, Jonas
SopranoRombo, Elin
ViolinGammelgård, Elias
Lindal, Maria
CelloHolst, Daniel
Double bassDominique, Jonas
OrganLönnerberg, Peter
Baroque ensembleREbaroque

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