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Stockholm Chamber Brass NOW

Composer Joakim Agnas
Luciano Berio
Anders Hillborg
Fredrik Högberg
Per Mårtensson
Poul Ruders
Young-Won Sung
Eino Tamberg
Performer Fredrik Ullén
Stockholm Chamber Brass
Period Contemporary
Catalogue Number BIS-1213 CD
EAN 7318590012130
Format CD
Release date Mar 2002
Total time 62'53

BBC Music Magazine: Double 5 Stars; Music Web International: outstanding.
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  Anders Hillborg
01 Brass Quintet 8'02
  Eino Tamberg
  Music for Five, Op.86
02 Irrequito e dolce 12'44
  Per Martensson (Mårtensson)
  I-Ching Variations for brass quintet and live electronics 7'54
03 First movement 2'07
04 Second movement 2'17
05 Third movement 3'30
  Poul Ruders
  Break Dance for piano and brass quintet
06 Break Dance 7'35
  Luciano Berio
07 Call 3'31
  Joakim Agnas
08 Tango 5'45
  Young-Won Sung
09 Pandragon 5'44
  Fredrik Högberg
  Melancholy Tango for five brass players and their voices
10 Melancholy Tango 9'32
  Album total 62'53
EnsembleStockholms Kammarbrass
ComposerAgnas, Joakim
Berio, Luciano
Hillborg, Anders
Högberg, Fredrik
Martensson (Mårtensson), Per
Ruders, Poul
Sung, Young-Won
Tamberg, Eino
PianoUllén, Fredrik

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