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Christian Lindberg - 2017

Composer Christian Lindberg
Performer Evelyn Glennie
Antwerp Symphony Orchestra
The New Trombone Collective
Christian Lindberg, conductor
Period Contemporary
Catalogue Number BIS-2418 SACD
EAN 7318599924182
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
SACD Surround - SACD Stereo - CD Stereo

Release date Dec 2020
Total time 72'00

As a performer and conductor, Christian Lindberg has a rare ability to electrify an audience, and as reviewers attest, the same applies to his compositions. Released on disc in 2018, his viola concerto Steppenwolf was described as ‘one of those rare contemporary works that captures the attention from the first notes’ (Fanfare) while the five-star review in BBC Music Magazine spoke of ‘thrilling orchestral storytelling’ and ‘glorious musical cavalcades’. &&&

The present album offers further opportunity to acquaint oneself with the unstoppable energy of Lindberg in all of his three incarnations. The disc is named after the closing work, 2017, described by Lindberg as his testimony about a year when the world changed, as a result of the US presidential election. Starting work on it on 1st January he followed the news in the media and let it feed his creative process throughout the course of the year. The opening work is an earlier one, commissioned for the nine trombones of The New Trombone Collective, and inspired by the spectacle of great waves rolling in at the beach in Wollongong, Australia. Framed by these two is Liverpool Lullabies, a concertante work for percussion and trombone which Lindberg composed with Evelyn Glennie and himself in mind. They are also the soloists on this recording, supported by the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra which also shines in the other two works on the disc.
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  Christian Lindberg
  The Waves of Wollongong, for nine trombones and orchestra (2006-09) 20'35
01 Beginning 3'05
02 Bar 61 3'05
03 Bar 159 3'13
04 Bar 220 1'56
05 Bar 281 1'35
06 Bar 330 2'55
07 Bar 405 2'42
08 Bar 467 2'04
  Liverpool Lullabies, for trombone, percussion and orchestra (2015-16) 17'26
09 Beginning 1'43
10 Bar 25 3'27
11 Bar 80 2'01
12 Bar 134 2'27
13 Bar 169 3'07
14 Bar 243 2'39
15 Bar 335 2'02
  2017, for orchestra 33'24
16 The World Upside Down 1'53
17 Lonely Creatures 0'56
18 Fake News 8'13
19 Inner Soul 4'32
20 The Bragger 3'33
21 Reflection 5'01
22 Train from Hell 9'16
  Album total 72'00
ComposerLindberg, Christian
Brass ensembleThe New Trombone Collective
ConductorLindberg, Christian
OrchestraAntwerp Symphony Orchestra
TromboneLindberg, Christian
PercussionGlennie, Evelyn

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