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Tullochgorum - Haydn: Scottish Songs

Composer John Elouis
Francois de Fossa
Niel Gow
Traditional/arr. Joseph Haydn
Performer Masako Art
James Graham
Edin Karamazov
Pierre-Augustin Lay
Sabine Stoffer
The Poker Club Band
Period Classical
Catalogue Number BIS-2471 SACD
EAN 7318599924717
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
SACD Surround - SACD Stereo - CD Stereo

Release date Jan 2020
Total time 61'38

Between 1791 and 1804, Joseph Haydn arranged some 400 traditional songs for publishers in Scotland and England. Almost all of the songs were Scottish and the most common setting was for voice and piano trio. There has been numerous recordings and performances of the arrangements by these forces, but on this disc The Poker Club Band offer their listeners something quite different. Taking its name from one of the Edinburgh clubs at the heart of the Scottish Enlightenment, the ensemble consists of four early music specialists and a traditional singer. They have retained Haydn’s violin and cello, but the keyboard part has been adapted for harp and guitar following indications that the harp was commonly used for contemporary performances of Scottish traditional repertoire. The Gaelic singer James Graham, with his idiomatic Scottish timbre, and the period instruments – of which Masako Art’s single-action pedal harp from 1809 is known to have been in Scotland around the time – brings us that much closer to what a performance in an Edinburgh salon might have sounded like around 1800. The songs themselves range from the cautionary tale of a girl who married for love and now is doomed to a life of hard and dirty work on her husband’s farm (The Mucking of Geordie’s Byer) to love songs such as Oran Gaoil, with a text by Robert Burns. Providing variety, some instrumental 18th century arrangements of Haydn originals are included while the disc ends with the well-known atmospheric Lament by the Scottish fiddler Niel Gow.
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  Traditional/arr. Joseph Haydn
01 O Poortith Cauld 3'14
02 Auld Rob Morris 3'26
  John Elouis
03 Prelude in C minor 0'41
04 Roxolane d’Haydn 4'00
  Traditional/arr. Joseph Haydn
05 The Mucking of Geordie’s Byer 3'09
06 The Siller Crown 2'51
07 Up in the morning early 2'34
08 Deil tak’ the Wars 2'21
  Francois de Fossa
  Grand duo pour deux guitares tiré de l’oeuvre de Haydn 13'25
09 I. Allegro 3'17
10 II. Adagio 6'23
11 III. Allegro di molto 3'45
  Traditional/arr. Joseph Haydn
12 MacGregor of Ruara’s Lament 3'13
13 Morag 3'13
  John Elouis
14 Prelude in G major 1'25
15 Romance de Haydn 5'57
  Traditional/arr. Joseph Haydn
16 Lizae Baillie 2'17
17 Oran Gaoil 2'07
18 Tullochgorum - Puirt A Beul - Tullochgorm’s Reel 3'08
  Niel Gow
19 Niel Gow’s Lament for the Death of his 2d Wife 3'21
  Album total 61'38
VoiceGraham, James
GuitarKaramazov, Edin
Viola/violinStoffer, Sabine
CelloLay, Pierre-Augustin
HarpArt, Masako
ComposerElouis, John
Fossa, Francois de
Gow, Niel
Traditional/arr. Joseph Haydn
ArrangerElouis, John
Haydn, Joseph

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