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Danzas - Music for Tuba & Piano

Composer Leonard Bernstein
Paul Hindemith
Gordon Jacob
Astor Piazzolla
Anthony Plog
Niklas Sivelöv
Performer Öystein (Øystein) Baadsvik
Niklas Sivelöv
Catalogue Number BIS-1585 CD
EAN 7318590015858
Format CD
Release date Aug 2006
Total time 57'38

International Record Review: outstanding.

On his previous disc for BIS, Tuba Carnival, Øystein Baadsvik showed that ‘anything a violin can do, a tuba can do too’, as the reviewer in British Daily Telegraph put it. That disc included a number of arrangements, such as Vivaldi’s ‘Winter’, which prompted that particular comment. This time Baadsvik has chosen to perform original works – with the exception of the three Piazzolla pieces arranged by the performers – many of which have a common theme, namely dance. As the name suggests, Sivelöv’s Tres Danzas have a Latin cast to them, with a strong rhythmic interest, and a finale which is like a competition in which the tuba and piano try to dance as fast as possible – and both come out as winners! The Tuba Suite by Gordon Jacob is composed after the pattern of a Baroque suite and incorporates a bourrée, a sarabande and a hornpipe. The waltz by Bernstein is a charming miniature in which the tuba player is invited by the composer to play ‘as gracefully as possible under the circumstances’. And while the remaining works, by Anthony Plog and Hindemith, lack overt dance references, they are both examples of music in which rhythm is the driving force. All in all, this is a disc which can be summed up in the same words as its predecessor, namely ‘a perfectly executed recital in which humour, charm and virtuosity combine to make the best possible case for the tuba as star of the show.’
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  Niklas Sivelöv
  Tres Danzas (2005) 10'12
01 I. Allegretto misterioso 2'51
02 II. Andante quasi adagio 4'01
03 III. Vivace 3'20
  Paul Hindemith
  Sonata for Tuba and Piano (1955) 10'48
04 I. Allegro pesante 3'18
05 II. Allegro assai 1'20
06 III. Variations 6'10
  Gordon Jacob
  Tuba Suite (1972) 17'21
07 I. Prelude. Largo 3'06
08 II. Hornpipe. Allegro 1'50
09 III. Saraband. Adagio 3'30
10 IV. Bourrée. Allegro giojoso 0'52
11 V. Brief Interlude. Andante sostenuto 1'00
12 VI. Mazurka. Allegro moderato 1'28
13 VII. Ground (Jacob’s Dream). Grave 2'17
14 VIII. Galop (with Cadenza). Presto 3'18
  Leonard Bernstein
15 Waltz for Mippy III from ‘Brass Music’ (1948) 1'46
  Anthony Plog
  Three Miniatures (1990) 5'57
16 I. Allegro vivace 1'15
17 II. Freely 3'04
18 III. Allegro vivace 1'38
  Astor Piazzolla
19 Milonga del Angel (arr.Baadsvik/Sivelöv) 3'24
  Astor Piazzolla
20 Invierno Porteño (arr.Baadsvik/Sivelöv) 2'18
  Astor Piazzolla
21 Adiós Nonino (arr.Baadsvik/Sivelöv) 3'36
  Album total 57'38
PianoSivelöv, Niklas
ComposerBernstein, Leonard
Hindemith, Paul
Jacob, Gordon
Piazzolla, Astor
Plog, Anthony
Sivelöv, Niklas
TubaBaadsvik, Øystein

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