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Ferry Tales for tuba, piano and strings

Composer Öystein (Øystein) Baadsvik
Ketil Björnstad (Bjørnstad)
Erlend Skomsvoll
Performer Öystein (Øystein) Baadsvik
Erlend Skomsvoll
The Trondheim Soloists
Catalogue Number BIS-1875 CD
EAN 7318590018750
Format CD
Release date Sep 2010
Total time 63'58

"Baadsvik amazes..." MusicWeb International
"Baadsvik amazes with his virtuosity and gentle touch. In his hands, the tuba is light and agile... You don't need to be a tuba enthusiast in order to listen to this disc: but you'll probably become one at the end." MusicWeb International

With a busy international concert schedule and a number of acclaimed discs, Øystein Baadsvik has made a name for himself as one of today's finest tuba players, as well as an indefatigable and imaginative advocate for the instrument. His first disc, Tuba Carnival, was described on the website Classics Today as a 'perfectly executed recital in which humor, charm, and virtuosity combine to make the best possible case for the tuba as star of the show' while the reviewer in International Record Review found that his playing on the disc Danzas 'combines sweetness with strength, intensity with perception'. His wide-ranging repertoire includes works by composers as diverse as Elgar, Kalevi Aho and Piazzolla, but on this new disc he still manages to surprise with his versatility. Plans for it originated some ten years ago, when Baadsvik was touring with the Norwegian jazz pianist and composer/arranger Erlend Skomsvoll. Touring in Norway by necessity entails getting across any number of fjords and it was during one of the innumerable ferry crossings that Baadsvik and Skomsvoll hit upon the idea of a disc with music which shouldn't be confined to any particular genre, composed and arranged by the two of them for tuba, piano and strings. After a long period of gestation, here is the result: 'Ferry Tales' - a disc which combines original compositions with imaginative and unexpected arrangements of classics such as Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Alexander Borodin's Prince Igor. Baadsvik's tuba and Skomsvoll's piano are joined by the Trondheim Soloists, the acclaimed string ensemble here playing a role which goes far beyond that of simply providing accompaniments.
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  Øystein Baadsvik
01 Ordner seg (It’ll Be All Right) 4'38
  Erlend Skomsvoll
02 Prince Igor – Fantasy on a Theme by A. Borodin 3'33
  Øystein Baadsvik
03 Dancing on a Blue Ribbon 5'00
  Erlend Skomsvoll
04 Vise (A Simple Melody) 3'10
05 Somewhere Over the Rainbow 6'32
  Øystein Baadsvik
06 Tango 4'30
  Erlend Skomsvoll
07 Salme i g-moll (Hymn in G minor) 5'03
08 Slipesteinsvalsen (Grindstone Waltz) 4'47
  Erlend Skomsvoll
09 Uten tekst (Without Words) 4'49
  Ketil Bjørnstad
10 Sommernatt ved fjorden (Summer Night by the Fjord) - Fantasy on a theme by Ketil Bjørnstad 5'22
11 Jeg plukker fløylsgræs (Picking Velvet Grass) 4'04
  Erlend Skomsvoll
12 Sangen (The Song) 3'42
13 Ordner seg II (It’ll Be All Right II) 4'05
14 Déjà vu 3'17
  Album total 63'58
Chamber orchestraThe Trondheim Soloists
PianoSkomsvoll, Erlend
TubaBaadsvik, Øystein
ComposerBaadsvik, Øystein
Bjørnstad, Ketil
Skomsvoll, Erlend

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