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Tuba Carnival

“An extremely well planned, perfectly executed recital in which humor, charm, and virtuosity combine to make the best possible case for the tuba as star of the show.”; "The arrangements are fine examples of the best of musical reinvention... a very pleasant surprise, worthy of any collection." MusicWeb International; “A recording that emancipates the tuba from its Cinderella role with ear-catching panache.” Daily Telegraph, UK

Surely nobody ever expected to hear the tuba played like this? When he started learning the instrument, somebody must have forgotten to tell Øystein Baadsvik that the tuba can't do everything. And in all likelihood, this mistake will be impossible to repair - there is little chance that anyone would be able to catch up with him in order to tell him now!
This collection of pieces-you-never-thought-you’d-hear-on-the-tuba runs the gamut from Vivaldi's view of winter to Monti's Csárdás, from the embouchure-defying to the luscious. When you think that you have heard everything - and are still trying to decide whether you really did hear what you remember hearing - Øystein Baadsvik adds a piece of his own, Fnugg, proving that there really is nothing that can't be expressed on the tuba if one happens to have this level of skill, communicative passion and musicality. Fnugg (Norwegian for something as weightless as a snowflake) is an improvisation with elements of the Australian Aboriginal instrument didgeridoo and Norwegian folk music, using multiphonics (to sing and play simultaneously) and Baadsvik’s own invention "Lip Beat".
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  Øystein Baadsvik
01 Fnugg (2002) for solo tuba 3'24
  Antonio Vivaldi
  L´Inverno (Winter) from The Four Seasons, Op.8 8'22
02 I. Allegro non molto 3'10
03 II. Largo 1'57
04 III. Allegro 3'15
  Edvard Grieg
05 Anitra´s Dance (from the incidental music to Ibsen´s Peer Gynt, Op.23) 3'27
  Arild Plau
  Concerto for Tuba and Strings (1990) 17'41
06 I. Prolog 7'40
07 II. Canzone 6'47
08 III. Finale 3'14
  Edvard Grieg
09 Norwegian Dance No.1 (from Four Norwegian Dances, Op.35) 4'51
  Staffan Lundén-Welden
10 Kesh Jig 3'35
  Thomas Stevens
11 Variations in Olden Style (d´après Bach) (1989) 5'16
  [Joseph] Jean Baptiste Arban
12 Carnival of Venice 7'41
  Vittorio Monti
13 Csárdás 4'25
  Album total 61'19
TubaBaadsvik, Øystein
ComposerArban, [Joseph] Jean Baptiste
Baadsvik, Øystein
Grieg, Edvard
Lundén-Welden, Staffan
Monti, Vittorio
Plau, Arild
Stevens, Thomas
Vivaldi, Antonio
ConductorSagstad, Bjorn (Björn)
EnsembleMusica Vitae

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