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Castrapolis - Neapolitan Cantatas and Arias

Composer Anonymous
Domenico Auletta
Johann Adolf Hasse
Giuseppe Porsile
Domenico Natale Sarro
Alessandro Scarlatti
Performer Nicolò Balducci
Dan Laurin
Anna Paradiso
Dohyo Sol
Dolci Affetti
Period Baroque
Catalogue Number BIS-2585 SACD
EAN 7318599925851
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
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Release date Oct 2022
Total time 81'27

During the 17th and 18th centuries, Naples’ fame as a musical centre attracted travellers, composers, instrumentalists and virtuoso singers alike. Among the aspiring musicians, the most highly-trained and sought-after were the castrati, promising boys aged between 8 and 12 who were subjected to an operation intended to preserve the exceptionally pure timbre of their treble voice. Forever virginal beings whose superhuman voices mesmerized their listeners they were &&&nicknamed angiolilli, ‘little angels’, and sang in the most important churches and theatres of ‘Castrapolis’, a term coined to describe the southern capital and its high concentration of castrato sopranos.
Nicolò Balducci is one of the rapidly rising countertenors and sopranists of his generation. Together with the ensemble Dolci Affetti, directed by the renowned recorder player Dan Laurin, he here performs arias and cantatas by Hasse, Porsile, Sarro and Alessandro Scarlatti. All four composers were associated with Naples and knew how to highlight these extraordinary voices, at a time when opera and the chamber cantata represented the most fashionable musical genres both in Italy and abroad. The program is completed with a concerto for harpsichord by Domenico Auletta, with Anna Paradiso performing the solo part.
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  Johann Adolf Hasse
  from Ciro riconosciuto
01 Aria 'Non piangete, amati rai' 7'45
  Giuseppe Porsile
  from Il ritorno di Ulisse alla patria 19'02
02 Aria 'Sventurato chi piagato' 1'44
03 Aria 'Tu sei crudel così' 2'51
04 Aria 'Apri Cirene i lumi' 5'36
05 Aria 'Fiero sdegno dell'alma guerriero' 2'42
06 Aria 'Quel volto vezzoso' 3'15
07 Aria 'Mi preparo a trionfar' 2'54
  Alessandro Scarlatti
  Quella pace gradita 18'25
08 Sinfonia 3'58
09 Recitative 'Quella pace gradita' 1'08
10 Aria 'Crudel tiranno amore' 4'52
11 Recitative 'O voi selve beate' 0'42
12 Aria 'Care selve, soggiorni di quiete' 2'23
13 Recitative 'Lungi da me, tiranno amore' 1'09
14 Aria 'Teco, o mesta tortorella' 4'13
  Domenico Auletta
  Concerto in C major 18'12
15 I. Allegro 6'29
16 II. Larghetto 7'33
17 III. Allegro 4'10
18 Dimmi bel neo che fai 0'40
  Domenico Natale Sarro
  Dimmi bel neo che fai 11'47
19 Recitative 'Dimmi bel neo che fai' 0'57
20 Aria 'Così amor mi dasse in sorte' 2'58
21 Recitative 'No m'inganna il pensiero' 1'03
22 Aria 'Che vaneggia quest' alma smarrita' 4'11
23 Recitative 'Si neo chiamarti deggio' 0'29
24 Aria 'Si tu puoi darli ò cara' 2'09
25 Tarantella del Gargano 4'30
  Album total 81'27
ComposerAuletta, Domenico
Hasse, Johann Adolf
Porsile, Giuseppe
Sarro, Domenico Natale
Scarlatti, Alessandro
Counter-tenorBalducci, Nicolò
OrchestraDolci Affetti
DirectionLaurin, Dan
HarpsichordParadiso, Anna
RecorderLaurin, Dan
SpeakerBalducci, Nicolò
Baroque guitarSol, Dohyo

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