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Albéniz - Piano Music, Vol.7

Composer Isaac Albéniz
Performer Miguel Baselga
Catalogue Number BIS-1953 CD
EAN 7318590019535
Format CD
Release date Jan 2012
Total time 71'09

Miguel Baselga's on-going traversal of the piano music by Isaac Albéniz has shown that there is much more to the composer than the four books of Iberia usually regarded as his crowning achievement. The present disc largely concentrates on the early production, including Marcha militar, the very first piece that Albéniz is
known to have composed, at the age of nine. With the Six Mazurkas de salon and L'Automne-Valse Baselga also gives us a taste of the salon-type music that Albéniz often included in his own recital programmes during the 1880s and 1890s. The mazurkas were written for (and named after) six of Albéniz' piano pupils, daughters of important upper-class families in Madrid. The most familiar work here is Chants d'Espagne, partly because two of its five movements also appear in another work, Suite Espagnole, and partly because of various transcriptions for one or more guitars. With a specific reference to Córdoba, the fourth movement of Chants, Albéniz himself remarked: 'That music of youth, with its little sins and absurdities. appears to me like the carvings in the Alhambra, those peculiar arabesques that say nothing with their turns and shapes, but which are like the air, like the sun, like the blackbirds or like the nightingales of its gardens.' The programme also includes a transcription published in 2009 of a phonograph roll from 1903, with Albéniz himself improvising at the piano, and the humorous Yvonne en visite!, in which the composer describes in music the nervousness of a small girl forced by her mother to play for him. All of this is performed with relish by Baselga, who in reviews of the previous disc of the series has been described as 'a pianist of great range and sophistication' (Music Web International) and 'a musician who unites poetry and lyricism with the Mediterranean light depicted by Albéniz' (CD Compact).
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  Isaac Albéniz
  Chants d’Espagne, T 101 20'06
01 I. Prélude 5'01
02 II. Orientale 3'35
03 III. Sous le Palmier 4'09
04 IV. Córdoba 4'43
05 V. Seguidillas 2'38
  6 Mazurkas de salon, T 68 18'56
06 I. Isabel. Tempo energico 3'13
07 II. Casilda. Allegro 3'16
08 III. Aurora. Non troppo 3'06
09 IV. Sofia. [Cantando] 3'36
10 V. Christa. Presto 3'27
11 VI. Maria. [Tempo giusto] 2'18
12 Deseo – estudio de concierto, T 53 8'01
  L’Automne-Valse, T 96
13 Introduction – I – II – III – Coda 11'51
14 Marcha militar, T 45 2'01
15 Improvisation, T 115 B 1'55
  Yvonne en visite! T 104 6'12
16 I. La Révérence 1'31
17 II. Joyeuse rencontre et quelques pénibles événements!! 4'41
  Album total 71'09
ComposerAlbéniz, Isaac
PianoBaselga, Miguel

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