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Bezaly and Brautigam - Masterworks for Flute and Piano

Composer Henri Dutilleux
André Jolivet
Sergey Prokofiev
Franz Schubert
Performer Sharon Bezaly
Ronald Brautigam
Period Romantic
Catalogue Number BIS-1429 SACD
EAN 7318599914299
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
SACD Surround - SACD Stereo - CD Stereo

Release date Jan 2006
Total time 63'03

BBC Music Magazine Double 5 stars; Classics Today 10/10; Le Monde de la Musique: Choc.

Recently released recordings of Mozart’s concertos, of three contemporary works for flute and orchestra and of a programme for solo flute have earned Sharon Bezaly epithets such as ‘God’s gift to the flute’, ‘an amazingly talented performer’ and ‘a First Lady among equals’. Here she has turned to some of the central works for flute and piano, and with Ronald Brautigam, familiar from many BIS releases, gives her interpretations of three master-pieces of the 1940s flanking Schubert’s great Trockne Blumen variations, composed some 120 years earlier. Though written in the span of two years, Prokofiev’s Sonata, Dutilleux’s Sonatine and Jolivet’s Chant de Linos each show the flute in a different light.
Prokofiev was preoccupied with clarity of style and found the instrument a perfect vehicle: ‘The sonata should be played with a bright, transparent, classical tone’, he wrote. (David Oistrakh later convinced the composer to create a violin version, which quickly became very popular.)
A distinctly different approach was taken by Jolivet, who wrote his Chant inspired by the ancient Greek concept of ‘linos’, a ritual lament punctuated by cries and dancing. It is thus based on musical material associated with Greek modes and explores the extremes of expression.
Dutilleux, finally, composed his Sonatine as a set piece for the flute competitions of the Paris Conservatoire. But these academic-sounding origins are belied by the by turns atmospheric and spirited writing, so typical of the multi-faceted Dutilleux.

Sharon Bezaly and Ronald Brautigam have previously collaborated on BIS-CD-1439, with violist Nobuko Imai. Upon its release this disc received a number of distinctions and highly favourable reviews, not least because of the superb ensemble playing.

Some press voices

"Anyone who has yet to encounter the playing of the astonishing young flautist Sharon Bezaly should do so without delay." Classical fm 05/2006

"Sharon Bezaly plays with a crystal clear, resonant tone, impeccable intonation and technique and tastefully timed - if occasionally slowish - vibrato. She and Ronald Brautigam have an almost supernatural sympathy together, ,,," Music Web International 05/2006
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  Sergei Prokofiev
  Sonata in D major, Op.94 22'16
01 I. Moderato 7'45
02 II. Scherzo 4'33
03 III. Andante 3'25
04 IV. Allegro con brio 6'33
  Franz Schubert
  Variations in E minor on the song Trockne Blumen, D 802 21'03
05 Introduction 4'28
06 Theme. Andantino 1'42
07 Variation I 1'36
08 Variation II 1'40
09 Variation III 2'20
10 Variation IV 1'44
11 Variation V 2'10
12 Variation VI 2'34
13 Variation VII 2'49
  Henri Dutilleux
14 Allegretto - Andantino - Animé 9'15
  André Jolivet
15 Chant de Linos 10'26
  Album total 63'03
ComposerDutilleux, Henri
Jolivet, André
Prokofiev, Sergei
Schubert, Franz
FluteBezaly, Sharon
PianoBrautigam, Ronald

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