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The Israeli Connection - flute and piano

Composer Yehezkel Braun
Avraham Eilam-Amzallag
Aviv Geffen
Dejan Lazic
Maurice Ravel
Erwin Schulhoff
Naomi Shemer
Noam Sheriff
Yoav Talmi
Performer Sharon Bezaly
Dehan Lazic
Period Romantic
Catalogue Number BIS-959 CD
EAN 7318590009598
Format CD
Release date Nov 1998
Total time 78'54

BBC Music Magazine 5 stars.
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  Maurice Ravel
01 Kaddisch for flute and piano (1914) 5'38
  Erwin Schulhoff
  Sonata for Flute and Piano (1927) 13'05
02 I. Allegro moderato 6'27
03 II. Scherzo. Allegro giocoso 1'28
04 III. Aria. Andante 2'29
05 IV. Finale. Allegro molto gajo 2'41
  Noam Sheriff
06 Arabesque for flute solo 4'30
  Yoav Talmi
  Three Monologues for flute solo 9'21
07 I. Growing 3'00
08 II. Refraction 3'34
09 III. Mirrors 2'47
  Avraham Eilam-Amzallag
10 Desolution for flute solo 3'33
  Yehezkel Braun
11 Apartment to Let for narrator, flute and piano (text: Lea Goldberg; English version: Gila Abrahamson) 23'44
  Aviv Geffen
12 To cry for you for flute and piano 3'35
  Naomi Shemer
13 Jerusalem of Gold for flute and piano 2'24
  Dejan Lazic
14 Variations on 'Hava Nagila' for flute and piano 10'55
  Album total 78'54
FluteBezaly, Sharon
PianoLazic, Dejan
ComposerBraun, Yehezkel
Eilam-Amzallag, Avraham
Geffen, Aviv
Lazic, Dejan
Ravel, Maurice
Schulhoff, Erwin
Shemer, Naomi
Sheriff, Noam
Talmi, Yoav

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