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Armenian Rhapsody

Composer Aram Il'yich Khachaturian
Vache Sharafyan
Soghomon Soghomonyan
Suren Zakarian
Performer Alexander Chaushian
Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra
Eduard Topchjan, conductor
Period Contemporary
Catalogue Number BIS-1948 CD
EAN 7318590019481
Format CD
Release date Jul 2011
Total time 71'56

”A surprisingly fascinating collection." Fanfare
”Excellently performed and beautifully recorded..." International Record Review; "The performances are excellent, with special praise due to the wonderfully expressive and full-throated playing of the soloist, Alexander Chaushian." Fanfare; "Der Cellist Alexander Chaushian rückt Chatschaturjans virtuosen Elementen mit einer Souveränität zu Leibe, die höchsten Respekt verdient."; “An unusual, sometimes challenging, and sometimes almost revelatory, disc” MusicWeb International

Recorded in the Armenian capital of Jerevan, this disc offers a rare opportunity to sample music by Armenian composers, &&&here represented by three works for cello and orchestra. Naturally Khachaturian is among the selected composers, with his impassioned and expansive Concerto-Rhapsody from 1963 as the disc's opening work. This is followed by Suren Zakarian’s Monograph for cello and chamber orchestra, in which the solo part, in a discourse reminiscent of a stream-of-consciousness technique, gives voice to a conflicted soul. A Suite for cello and chamber orchestra by Zakarian's younger colleague, Vache Sharafyan follows. The composer's aim has been 'to create a sense of the perpetual cycle of life and history', with a Mattinata (morning song) for its opening movement, while the closing one is called Postero die (‘the following day’). Sharafyan has also arranged the disc's epilogue, an atmospheric arrangement of the song Krunk (Crane) by the composer usually described as the founder of Armenian classical music: Komitas, or Soghomon Soghomonyan (1869–1935). In this version for trio the melody is “sung” by the cello with the piano reinforcing the mood. To this, the composer has added what he himself describes as ‘an emotional echo’, in the form of a duduk – the most Armenian of all instruments. The archaic sound of this double-reed woodwind instrument is often heard in film scores and here lends a wistful character to the closing moments of this Armenian Rhapsody. The UK-based Alexander Chaushian, cello soloist in all of these works, is Armenian by birth, and has secured the expert support of the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra under their principal conductor Eduard Topchjan.
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  Aram Khachaturian
  Concerto-Rhapsody for cello and orchestra 25'52
01 I. Andante sostenuto e pesante 13'23
02 II. Allegro animato 9'29
03 III. Allegro vivace 3'00
  Suren Zakarian
04 Monograph for cello and chamber orchestra 17'16
  Vache Sharafyan
  Suite for Cello and Orchestra 22'16
05 I. Mattinata 6'25
06 II. Waltz 5'01
07 III. Sarabande-Courante 7'10
08 IV. Postero die (The Next Day) 3'40
  Soghomon Soghomonyan
  Krunk (Crane) for duduk, cello and piano; based on a traditional folk melody
09 Krunk (Crane) for duduk, cello and piano; based on a traditional folk melody 5'25
  Album total 71'56
CelloChaushian, Alexander
ComposerKhachaturian, Aram
Sharafyan, Vache
Soghomonyan, Soghomon
Zakarian, Suren
PianoSharafyan, Vache

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