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Bjarte Eike

The baroque violinist Bjarte Eike pushes the boundaries of classical music, constantly looking for new projects in the borderland of genres and reaching out to new audiences with his infectious playing and style.

As artistic director of BaS, Eike explores alternative ways of approaching classical music. He has created innovative concepts, exploring 17th-century music from English pubs and alehouses in ‘An Alehouse Session’, or combining the sounds and astrological ideas of the Renaissance with free improvisation and music from Stockhausen’s Tierkreis in ‘Star Wars’.

Eike collaborates – both as leader and conductor – with various ensembles and orchestras all over Europe. He also plays in several crossover formations, working with Jon Balke in the Magnetic North Orchestra, and as a member of Stryk!, a free-improvising string trio.

Bjarte Eike received his training at the Grieg Academy in Norway and with Richard Gwilt in London. He has participated in a large number of recordings and currently teaches the baroque violin at the Norwegian Academy of Music and as a guest teacher at the Royal Danish Academy of Music.

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