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Sven Figee

Sven Figee studied jazz piano at the Rotterdam Conservatory and played with various funk and rock bands from around The Hague. After college he worked with the Netherland’s currently most famous rock singer Anouk, touring Europe and America and appearing on her second, platinum-selling album Urban Solitude on Hammond organ and piano. Sven started his own band, ‘Sven Hammond’, in 2006. The band has been highly acclaimed and successful in the Netherlands and abroad, releasing five studio albums and three live albums and being nominated for the Dutch record award ‘Edison’ in the categories jazz (twice) and pop. Sven has played at numerous festivals such as North Sea Jazz, Pinkpop, Roskilde and Rock am Ring but also at Festival Classique and the O/Modernt Festival. In 2008 he started his own studio and production company, ‘Marmalade Music’, where this album was recorded.


ORBI - the Oscillating Revenge of the Background Instruments
BIS-2297 CD
Symphonic rock & metal songs in unique arrangements
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