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Before Mozart - early horn concertos

Composer Christoph Förster
Joseph Haydn
Leopold Mozart
Johann Baptist Georg Neruda
Georg Philipp Telemann
Performer Alec Frank-Gemmill
Swedish Chamber Orchestra
Nicholas McGegan, conductor
Period Classical
Catalogue Number BIS-2315 SACD
EAN 7318599923154
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
SACD Surround - SACD Stereo - CD Stereo

Release date Mar 2018
Total time 66'05

Mozart’s horn concertos are so well-known that for many listeners the sound of the horn and Mozart are virtually synonymous. Mozart was not the first composer to write solo concertos for the horn, however, and works from earlier on in the eighteenth century give a quite different perspective on the instrument. With this disc&&& soloist Alec Frank-Gemmill provides insights into some of these early horn concertos, by composers ranging from Telemann to Haydn, by way of Mozart’s own father, Leopold. In the seventeenth century, when the horn first appeared in classical music, it was in the context of hunting scenes in operas by Lully, Cavalli and others. But the instrument’s true adoption into art music really began the following century in the German-speaking world, where Dresden for a while became the most important centre for performing on, and composing for, the horn. Around 1750, both Christoph Förster and Johann Baptist Georg Neruda wrote extremely demanding and virtuosic concertos – Neruda’s Concerto in E flat major is in such a high register that it has sometimes been assumed to be composed for the trumpet. Through modern innovations in horn design it is once more possible to perform all of these early horn concertos, including parts previously considered ‘impossibly high’.

Alec Frank-Gemmill is recognised internationally for the exceptional breadth and depth of his music-making. His interest in historical performance informed his previous, highly acclaimed disc for BIS – a traversal of the horn repertoire throughout some 140 years, performed on four different 19th-century instruments. On the present disc he plays on modern horns, but draws heavily on his familiarity with 18th-century horn technique and style, with the support of the Swedish Chamber Orchestra under period performance expert Nicholas McGegan.
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  Christoph Förster
  Horn Concerto [No. 1] in E flat major 11'38
01 I. Con discretione 5'00
02 II. Adagio 2'33
03 III. Allegro 4'05
  Georg Philipp Telemann
  Horn Concerto in D major, TWV 51:D8 7'54
04 I. Vivace 2'02
05 II. Largo 2'43
06 III. Allegro 3'09
  Johann Baptist Georg Neruda
  Horn Concerto in E flat major 14'13
07 I. Allegro 5'28
08 II. Largo 4'23
09 III. Vivace 4'22
  Leopold Mozart
  Sinfonia da camera (Sinfonie in D major, VII:D5) 14'25
10 I. Allegro moderato 5'52
11 II. Menuet – Trio 3'02
12 III. Andante 3'17
13 IV. Allegro 2'14
  Joseph Haydn
  Horn Concerto No. 1 in D major, Hob. VIId:3 16'12
14 I. Allegro 6'15
15 II. Adagio 6'16
16 III. Allegro 3'41
  Album total 66'05
ComposerFörster, Christoph
Haydn, Joseph
Mozart, Leopold
Neruda, Johann Baptist Georg
Telemann, Georg Philipp
ConductorMcGegan, Nicholas
HornFrank-Gemmill, Alec
Chamber orchestraSwedish Chamber Orchestra
ViolinSvensson, Urban
ViolaElvkull, Linn
Fröst, Göran
CelloLevin, Mats
Double bassNitsche, Peter
HarpsichordGäfvert, Björn

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