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Ombres - Women Composers of La Belle Époque

Composer Marguerite Beclard d'Harcourt
Mel Bonis
Cécile Chaminade
Hélène-Frédérique de Faye-Jozin
Gabrielle Ferrari
Juliette Folville
Augusta Holmès
Armande de Polignac
Pauline Viardot
Performer Ammiel Bushakevitz
Talia Erdal
Laetitia Grimaldi
Period Romantic
Catalogue Number BIS-2546 SACD
EAN 7318599925462
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
SACD Surround - SACD Stereo - CD Stereo

Release date Jan 2022
Total time 69'03

Devised by Laetitia Grimaldi and Ammiel Bushakevitz, Ombres brings together songs by nine women composers whose lives span the years 1821–1964. Many of the songs were written during the so-called Belle Époque, at a time when women might be accepted as performers – especially in domestic settings – but struggled to be recognised as composers. &&&And even in the cases when their music was heard – for instance in the fashionable salons of Paris – or published, it soon fell into oblivion.
Several of the songs included here were discovered by Grimaldi and Bushakevitz in libraries and archives, having gone out of print long ago. With Ombres, the performers liberate the nine composers from their shadowy existence, and demonstrate the wide range of their music, from Cécile Chaminade’s bustling Villanelle to Pauline Viardot’s nocturnal Les étoiles or the ghostly Les lavandières by Augusta Holmès, about the Midnight Washerwomen from Celtic mythology.
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  Melanie Bonis
01 Invocation 2'42
02 Élève-toi mon âme 2'50
03 Songe  3'17
04 Un soir 2'09
05 Ave Maria 2'17
  Cécile Chaminade
06 Villanelle 2'20
07 L'anneau d'argent  1'56
08 Nice-la-belle 3'08
  Armande de Polignac
09 Chant d'amour 5'08
10 Jardin du roi 2'46
11 Ne me regarde pas 3'07
  Juliette Folville
12 Songe 2'21
  Pauline Viardot
13 Les ombres de minuit 2'37
14 Les deux roses 2'46
15 Haï luli 3'31
16 Les étoiles 3'21
  Marguerite Beclard d'Harcourt
17 Le rêve de la vallée 2'51
  Hélène-Frédérique de Faye-Jozin
18 Printemps 1'56
  Gabrielle Ferrari
19 Chanson d'exil 4'17
  Augusta Holmes
20 C'est un oiseau du bois sauvage 3'50
21 Les lavandières 3'36
22 À Trianon 2'59
  Album total 69'03
SopranoGrimaldi, Laetitia
PianoBushakevitz, Ammiel
ComposerBeclard d'Harcourt, Marguerite
Bonis, Melanie
Chaminade, Cécile
Faye-Jozin, Hélène-Frédérique de
Ferrari, Gabrielle
Folville, Juliette
Holmes, Augusta
Polignac, Armande de
Viardot, Pauline
CelloErdal, Talia

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