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Guitarra mía - Tango

Composer Carlos Gardel
Astor Piazzolla
Performer Franz Halász
Period Modernism
Catalogue Number BIS-2165 SACD
EAN 7318599921655
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
SACD Surround - SACD Stereo - CD Stereo

Release date Mar 2017
Total time 63'43

The origins of the tango are debatable, but few would disagree in naming Carlos Gardel the first great figure of the genre. Beginning his career as a folk singer, Gardel is also generally regarded as the creator of sung tango, tango canción. In the course of some 25 years, he wrote a large number of songs, recorded numerous discs and acted in several films, achieving international stardom. All the Gardel songs heard here featured in films produced between 1932 and 1935. Lending its title to the present disc, Guitarra, guitarra mía was the last song Gardel recorded, shortly before he died in a plane crash in June 1935. Only months earlier, he had encountered a young boy who had a walk-on part in his last film – a striking coincidence, as the boy was Astor Piazzolla, alongside Gardel the most influential figure in the history of the tango. In contrast to Gardel, however, Piazzolla was for a long time the black sheep of traditional tango, eager to explore art music and jazz and to incorporate elements of both in his own music, which became known as nuevo tango. Written for the ensembles that he played and toured worldwide with, pieces such as La muerte del ángel and Vuelvo al sur became immortal. Himself a bandoneon player, Piazzolla often included guitar in his ensembles, but did not compose for solo guitar until in the 1980s, when he wrote the Cinco Piezas that close the disc. Along with numerous arrangements, these have entered the guitar repertoire and are here performed by the German guitarist Franz Halász, who on recent discs for BIS has impressed the critics to the point of winning a Latin Grammy Award in 2015 with a disc of chamber music by Radamés Gnattali.

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  Astor Piazzolla
01 La muerte del ángel 3'13
  Carlos Gardel
02 Mi Buenos Aires querido 3'35
  Astor Piazzolla
03 Primavera porteña 5'23
  Astor Piazzolla
04 Vuelvo al sur 3'53
  Carlos Gardel
  Guitarra, guitarra mía
05 Guitarra, guitarra mía 2'20
  Astor Piazzolla
06 La última grela (arr. J. Falk) 4'13
  Carlos Gardel
07 Criollita de mis amores (arr. D. Kres) 2'31
  Carlos Gardel
08 Sus ojos se cerraron (arr. J. Falk) 3'21
  Carlos Gardel
09 El día que me quiera 3'54
  Astor Piazzolla
10 Triunfal 3'00
  Carlos Gardel
11 Por una cabeza 2'40
  Carlos Gardel
12 Cuando tú no estás (arr. D. Kres) 3'59
  Carlos Gardel
13 Volver (arr. D. Kres) 3'07
  Astor Piazzolla
  Cinco Piezas para guitarra 17'09
14 Campero 3'44
15 Romántico 3'50
16 Acentuado 3'12
17 Tristón 3'48
18 Compadre 2'35
  Album total 63'43
GuitarHalász, Franz
ComposerGardel, Carlos
Piazzolla, Astor
ArrangerBenítez, Balthazar
Halász, Débora
Halász, Franz
Miolin, Anders
Villadangos, Victor

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