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Songs for New Life and Love

Composer Helen Grime
Charles E. Ives
Gustav Mahler
Performer Ruby Hughes
Joseph Middleton
Period Modern
Catalogue Number BIS-2468 SACD
EAN 7318599924687
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
SACD Surround - SACD Stereo - CD Stereo

Release date Aug 2021
Total time 74'12

Ruby Hughes performs excerpts from the album (~ 3,5 min.)
After appearing on a quartet of very different BIS releases, ranging from early baroque arias to orchestral songs by Alban Berg and Mahler’s ‘Resurrection Symphony’, the British soprano Ruby Hughes has devised a song recital, together with her regular Lieder partner Joseph Middleton. The process began in 2018 when the two gave the world première of Helen Grime’s Bright Travellers, a set of five poems &&&charting the interior and exterior worlds of pregnancy and motherhood. Ruby Hughes soon set about planning a programme which would converge with Grime’s music and the themes of new life and of love in all its aspects.

The recital is bookended by two song cycles by Gustav Mahler which explore love, grief, loss and reconciliation through quite different lenses. In the opening cycle we experience Mahler as solitary wayfarer and hear of unrequited love. In Kindertotenlieder, the second cycle, the poet Friedrich Rückert pours out his pain as a grieving father in songs about the beauty and innocence of children. Completing the programme is Charles Ives – described by Ruby Hughes as Mahler’s ‘musical kindred spirit’ – with a selection of love songs, prayers and lullabies.
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  Gustav Mahler
  Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen 18'04
01 1. Wenn mein Schatz Hochzeit macht 4'29
02 2. Ging heut' morgen über's Feld 4'53
03 3. Ich hab' ein glühend Messer 3'15
04 4. Die zwei blauen Augen 5'27
  Charles Ives
05 The Housatonic at Stockbridge 3'50
06 Mists 1'35
  Helen Grime
  Bright Travellers 14'06
07 1. Soundings 2'29
08 2. Brew 2'18
09 3. Visitations 3'02
10 4. Milk Fever 2'11
11 5. Council Offices 4'06
  Charles Ives
12 Serenity 2'07
13 The Children's Hour 2'12
14 Songs My Mother Taught Me  2'42
  Gustav Mahler
  Kindertotenlieder 22'33
15 1. Nun will die Sonn' so hell aufgehn 5'10
16 2. Nun seh' ich wohl, warum so dunkle Flammen 4'19
17 3. Wenn dein Mütterlein 4'18
18 4. Oft denk' ich, sie sind nur ausgegangen! 2'51
19 5. In diesem Wetter! 5'55
20 Suo Gân (Welsh lullaby) 4'03
  Album total 74'12
ComposerGrime, Helen
Ives, Charles
Mahler, Gustav
SopranoHughes, Ruby
PianoMiddleton, Joseph
ArrangerWatkins, Huw

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