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Hidden Treasure: Hans Gál’s unpublished Lieder

Composer Hans Gál
Performer Helmut Deutsch
Christian Immler
Period Romantic
Catalogue Number BIS-2543 SACD
EAN 7318599925431
Format SACD Hybrid

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Release date Jan 2021
Total time 72'25

Growing up in Vienna, with its great Lied tradition, Hans Gál had written about 100 songs before leaving secondary school. He later destroyed them, along with all his other works composed prior to 1910, but between 1910 and 1921 he wrote many more. Except for the five songs of Op. 33, these were never published, and Gál himself would later refer to them as ‘laid aside’. Many of these songs were publicly performed at the time, however, often with the composer at the piano. &&&Through the initiative of Christian Immler and Helmut Deutsch, 26 of the ‘laid-aside’ songs are now being made available to a modern audience. A labour of love for the performers, the project has had the support of the composer’s family – in fact the recording was produced by Hans Gál’s grandson, Simon Fox-Gál.

The songs provide a missing link in Gál’s creative development, and show him engaging with a wide variety of poets, extending back from the twelfth-century (Walther von der Vogelweide) to contemporaries, such as Hermann Hesse and Richard Dehmel, by way of the classics (Heine, Mörike). Reflecting a taste for the exotic which was fashionable at the time, the selection also includes settings of poems by Rabindranath Tagore. The performers close their recital with the Op. 33 set, the only songs that Hans Gál did publish during his long career.
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  Hans Gal
01 Lady Rosa 1'52
02 Nacht 2'44
03 Nachts in der Kajüte I 2'26
04 Nachts in der Kajüte II 2'05
05 Nachts in der Kajüte III 2'35
06 Sternenzwiesprach 1'13
07 Denk’ es, o Seele 1'41
08 Maimond 2'38
09 Minnelied 1'41
10 Morgengebet 2'39
11 Dämmerstunde 2'35
12 Glaube nur! 1'29
13 Liebesmüde 2'50
14 Eine gantz neu Schelmweys 3'11
15 Waldseligkeit 1'52
16 Der Wolkenbaum 2'05
17 Novembertag 2'31
18 Welch ein Schweigen 2'58
19 Nachtstürme 1'24
20 Blumenlied 2'47
21 Schäferlied 1'32
22 Abendlied 2'21
23 Der böse Tag 1'26
24 Frag nicht! 2'18
25 Rücknahme 2'06
26 Abendgespräch 1'41
  Five Songs, Op. 33 12'54
27 Vergängliches 2'23
28 Der Wiesenbach 1'38
29 Vöglein Schwermut 3'50
30 Drei Prinzessinnen 2'50
31 Abend auf dem Fluss 2'13
  Album total 72'25
ComposerGal, Hans
LyricistAdler, Friedrich
Beerbaum, Otto Julius
Bethge, Hans
Busse, Carl
Dautendey, Maximilian
Dehmel, Richard
Heine, Heinrich
Hesse, Hermann
Hoffmannswaldau, Christian Hoffmann von
Morgenstern, Christian
Morike, Eduard
Tagore, Rabindranath
Vogelweide, Walther von der
Bass-baritoneImmler, Christian
PianoDeutsch, Helmut

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