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J.S. Bach - Partita No. 4 and 6

Composer Johann Sebastian Bach
Performer Freddy Kempf
Period Baroque
Catalogue Number BIS-1330 CD
EAN 7318590013304
Format CD
Release date Feb 2006
Total time 66'03

After a series of highly praised recordings of music by Beethoven, Schumann, Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninov and Prokofiev, Freddy Kempf makes a foray into the music of earlier times. The Partitas may be seen as a summation of Bach’s achievements in the genre of instrumental suites. His use of different textures, his increasingly frequent recourse to harmony and to ‘gallant’ melodies rather than the imitative counterpoint that had formerly held sway, the great virtuosity he requires and, even more importantly, the profundity he achieves make these works not only the apex but also the logical conclusion of this tradition of transforming a suite of dances into great art. This is most obvious in the Allemande of Partita No. 4 as well as the Sarabande of Partita No. 6 on the present disc. Often described by reviewers as a virtuoso and great technician, Freddy Kempf has equally made himself known for independent and original interpretations. His latest disc, of ‘the three great’ Beethoven Sonatas (BIS-SACD-1460) was met with glowing reviews in which this aspect was singled out: the critic in Pianist magazine wrote ‘these timeless works sparkle with energy and spontaneity’ while American Record Guide called it ‘a performance to match any for excitement and youthful impetuosity’. And in the New York Times the disc was termed one of the best CDs of 2005, with the comment ‘[Kempf] takes a fluid approach to tempo, dynamics and articulation, and uses those qualities to transform these works into edge-of-the-seat dramas.’

Some press voices:

"I like it because it is a fundamentally honest, utterly Bachian Bach, strong both in structural outline and inner spirit."Sunday Times 03/2006

"Kempf's interpretations build a bridge between two worlds and styles: romantic rhetoric and classical discipline" The Times 03/2006

"It must be remarked that Kempf’s piano is the sweetest sounding Steinway D piano I’ve ever heard, and you will never hear one more perfectly in regulation or tune, which is why I always give credit in my reviews to Kempf’s technician. This is not an SACD but I can’t imagine the piano sounding any better than this, a tribute to BIS’s technical standards which are among the very highest in the industry." Music Web International 04/2006
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  Johann Sebastian Bach
  Partita No.4 in D major, BWV 828 31'52
01 I. Ouverture 5'49
02 II. Allemande 8'35
03 III. Courante 3'09
04 IV. Aria 2'20
05 V. Sarabande 7'18
06 VI. Menuet 1'29
07 VII. Gigue 3'12
  Partita No.6 in E minor, BWV 830 32'44
08 I. Toccata 7'10
09 II. Allemande 4'44
10 III. Corrente 4'24
11 IV. Air 1'25
12 V. Sarabande 7'46
13 VI. Tempo di Gavotta 2'01
14 VII. Gigue 5'14
  Album total 66'03
PianoKempf, Freddy
ComposerBach, Johann Sebastian

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