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Airs and Graces - Scottish Tunes and London Sonatas

Composer Francesco Geminiani
George Frideric Handel
Johan Helmich Roman
John Stanley
Performer Dan Laurin
Parnassus Avenue
Period Baroque
Catalogue Number BIS-1595 SACD
EAN 7318599915951
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
SACD Surround - SACD Stereo - CD Stereo

Release date Jun 2008
Total time 65'47

London in the early 1700s offered a dazzling mix of virtually every European musical style. This bustling environment attracted both students of music (such as the young Swedish composer Roman) and established musicians, eager to make their mark – Handel and Geminiani being two of the brightest shining stars. But new influences did not only come from across the Channel. The recent union between England and Scotland led to an increased cultural exchange, and English audiences were entranced by the rhythms and colours of the traditional tunes of Scotland. Various collections, such as the settings by the recorder virtuoso Francesco Barsanti, were published and even Handel could not resist a few turns at the hornpipe in his Water Music. This state of affairs is reflected in the present mix of four baroque sonatas, by composers associated with London in various ways, and nine Scottish tunes in arrangements based on the Barsanti settings. This imaginative programme is characteristic of the approach adopted by Parnassus Avenue, an ensemble which is constantly challenging ‘baroque standards’: according to Parnassus Avenue there is no ‘early’ music, just a never-ending ‘now’. In lending a John Stanley Adagio the same melancholy expressivity as the mournful Waly waly, and applying the same virtuosity to the hypnotic Clout the Cauldron as to a Handel Allegro, Dan Laurin and his colleagues also demonstrate that there are no genres, only one seamless musical whole. Corelli & Co, the group’s previous CD on BIS, was hailed as ‘a truly inspirational disc for anyone who regards the baroque original as a starting point for individual expression’ in Early Music Review. Chances are that many will receive just as much inspiration from this new disc.
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01 Lord Aboynes welcome or Cumbernault house 2'12
02 Waly waly 1'26
03 Clout the Cauldron 1'52
  John Stanley
  Solo IV in B minor from Op.4, for flute and basso continuo 7'11
04 Adagio 2'38
05 Poco Allegro 2'38
06 Gigg 1'55
07 Lochaber 3'13
08 Fy gar rub her o’er with straw 3'57
09 Busk ye busk ye Bonny Bride 4'57
  Georg Friedrich Händel
  Sonata in B minor for flute and basso continuo, HWV376 6'31
10 Adagio 1'52
11 Allegro 1'57
12 Largo 1'19
13 Allegro 1'23
  Francesco Geminiani
  Sonata in C major for cello and basso continuo, Op.5 No.3 12'11
14 Andante 1'52
15 Allegro 4'06
16 Affettuoso 3'13
17 Allegro 3'00
18 The Flowers of the Forrest 1'59
19 Dumbarton’s drums 1'13
20 Logan Water 2'05
  Johan Helmich Roman
  Sonata X in E minor for flute and basso continuo, BeRI 210 11'30
21 Larghetto 2'49
22 Andante 2'55
23 Piva 2'23
24 Non Presto 2'42
25 Villanella 0'41
  Georg Friedrich Händel
26 Minuetto from Sonata in E minor, HWV375 3'22
  Album total 65'47
Baroque ensembleParnassus Avenue
ComposerGeminiani, Francesco
Händel, Georg Friedrich
Roman, Johan Helmich
Stanley, John
RecorderLaurin, Dan

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