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The Baroque Trombone

Composer Antonio Bertali
Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber
Dario Castello
Giovanni Martino Cesare
Girolamo Frescobaldi
Daniel Speer
Performer Christian Lindberg
Australian Chamber Orchestra
Period Baroque
Catalogue Number BIS-1688 CD
EAN 7318590016886
Format CD
Release date Sep 2009
Total time 56'30

Gramophone: Editor's Choice.

The big, powerful trombone of our time is a creature of wide open spaces and large auditoriums. ‘Trombone’ simply means ‘big trumpet’ and the two are nowadays seen as obvious bedfellows. Not so in the 17th century! The instrument was called sackbut – a soft sounding, gentle thing whose natural partners were the viola and recorder: in 1666, the British scholar William Dugdale contrasted the ‘couragious blast of deadly war’ produced by trumpeters with the ‘sweet harmony of violins, sackbutts, recorders and cornetts’. The sackbuts were much smaller than today’s trombones, with tiny mouthpieces, tubes narrower than the ones on a modern trumpet, and bells that a man’s hand might easily cover. Compared to the modern trombone, it was far easier to crack a note, but as compensation you could add inflections and ornaments with a much greater grace and range. Christian Lindberg, who has done more than anyone to establish the modern trombone as a solo instrument, bought his first sackbut 30 years ago, and already then dreamed of recording a baroque programme. Now the opportunity to do so has arrived – largely due to Lindberg’s encounter with the violinist Richard Tognetti and his Australian Chamber Orchestra. The Lindberg / ACO collaboration has already been documented on disc in a programme of 18th-century trombone concertos (BIS-CD-1248), a release described in International Record Review as ‘sensational … one of those recordings which make criticism a glorious irrelevance.’ On this recording Lindberg and a handful of the ACO players in ‘sweet harmony’ present a programme including sonatas and canzonas by Biber, Frescobaldi and Dario Castello.
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  Dario Castello
01 Sonata Quinta for violin, trombone and basso continuo (from Sonate Concertate In Stil Moderno, Libro I, 1621) 4'41
  Dario Castello
02 Sonata Duodecima for 2 violins, trombone and basso continuo (from Sonate Concertate In Stil Moderno, Libro II, 1629) 7'43
03 Sonata for trombone and harpsichord/organ 4'14
  Daniel Speer
  Sonata à 3 and Gigue for 2 violins, trombone and basso continuo 4'21
04 Sonata à 3 2'15
05 Gigue 2'06
  Giralmo Frescobaldi
  Canzon 1–4 for trombone and harpsichord/organ 15'28
06 Canzona V a basso solo detta la Tromboncina 3'28
07 Canzona VI a basso solo detta l’Altiera 4'31
08 Canzona VII a basso solo detta la Superba (o Tuccina) 3'44
09 Canzona VIII a basso solo detta l’Ambitiosa 3'45
  Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber
10 Sonata à 3 for 2 violins, trombone and basso continuo  5'57
  Dario Castello
11 Sonata Quarta for violin, trombone and basso continuo 4'09
  Giovanni Martino Cesare
12 La Hieronyma for trombone and harpsichord (from Musicali Melodie, 1621) 2'19
  Antonio Bertali
13 Sonata à 3 for 2 violins, trombone and basso continuo 5'17
  Album total 56'30
Bertali, Antonio
Biber, Heinrich Ignaz Franz von
Castello, Dario
Cesare, Giovanni Martino
Frescobaldi, Giralmo
Speer, Daniel
TromboneLindberg, Christian
OrchestraAustralian Chamber Orchestra

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