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A Rauwolf Lute - French & German Baroque Music

Composer François Dufault
David Kellner
Charles Mouton
Johann Pachelbel
Esaias Reusner
Silvius Leopold Weiss
Performer Jakob Lindberg
Period Baroque
Catalogue Number BIS-2265 SACD
EAN 7318599922652
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
SACD Surround - SACD Stereo - CD Stereo

Release date Sep 2017
Total time 81'50

The lute by Sixtus Rauwolf heard on this recording was probably built in the last decade of the sixteenth century. Some hundred years later, in 1715, it was converted to suit the musical tastes and demands of the baroque period. For this disc, Jakob Lindberg has chosen works that could have formed part of the repertory of the presumably German owner of the instrument at around the time of its final conversion.&&&

For German lutenists from about the middle of the seventeenth century, it was France that provided the aesthetic and musical model, and towards the end of the century, when the lute rather suddenly and inexplicably dropped out of fashion in Paris certain French luthistes travelled abroad and met with great success in German-speaking lands. With them, they took their music and special traditions of lute-playing, evidence of which can be seen in the music of several of the German composers included here.

The disc closes with a suite of pieces by Silvius Leopold Weiss, the most famous lutenist of the baroque era. Weiss, Lindberg and the Rauwolf lute first crossed paths in 2006 on a highly acclaimed all-Weiss disc (BIS-1524): ‘Too good to be true’ was the verdict in International Record Review while the reviewer in Goldberg Magazine wrote ‘As an evocation of the lute's magical qualities, this deserves to achieve cult status.’
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  Esaias Reusner
01 Padoana 6'57
  François Dufault
02 Prelude   1'22
03 Allemande  2'19
04 Courante ‘La Superbe’ 1'55
05 Courante  1'22
06 Sarabande  2'16
07 Gigue  2'04
  Charles Mouton
08 Prelude ‘La promenade’ 0'58
09 Allemande ‘Le dialogue des graces sur Iris’ 2'10
10 Canaries ‘Le Mouton’ 1'22
11 Courante ‘La Changeante’ 1'56
12 Gaillarde ‘La Bizarre’ 1'04
13 Sarabande ‘La Malassis’ 2'05
14 Menuet ‘La Ganbade’ 1'03
  David Kellner
15 Campanella (presto assai) 2'37
16 Courante  2'18
17 Sarabanda 2'33
18 Aria (largo) 1'52
19 Giga 2'29
20 Gavotte 1'03
  Johann Pachelbel
21 Allemande ‘L’Amant mal content’ 3'32
22 Courante ‘L’Amant soulage’ 2'43
23 Sarabande ‘L’Amant soupirant’ 3'52
24 Gigue ‘Raillerie des amans’ 2'37
  Silvius Leopold Weiss
25 Prélude 0'42
26 Allemande 3'23
27 Courante 2'55
28 Bourrée  2'55
29 Sarabande 5'14
30 Menuet 1'34
31 Gigue 3'29
32 Ciacona 5'05
  Album total 81'50
ComposerDufault, François
Kellner, David
Mouton, Charles
Pachelbel, Johann
Reusner, Esaias
Weiss, Silvius Leopold
LuteLindberg, Jakob

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