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Nocturnal - lute music from Dowland to Britten

Composer Anonymous
Daniel Bacheler
Benjamin Britten
William Byrd
Edward Collard
John Danyel
John Dowland
Anthony Holborne
John Johnson
Performer Jakob Lindberg
Period Renaissance
Catalogue Number BIS-2082 SACD
EAN 7318599920825
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
SACD Surround - SACD Stereo - CD Stereo

Release date Jun 2018
Total time 83'17

One of today’s foremost exponents of his instrument, Jakob Lindberg arrived at the lute by way of the guitar and played both for several years. When he decided to devote himself exclusively to the historic lute repertoire it was with some regret that he gave up his first love. During his last year with the modern guitar Lindberg was working on Benjamin Britten’s Nocturnal after John Dowland, one of the seminal guitar works of the 20th century. Much later, when he learned that Britten had originally had in mind to compose a piece for the lute, he started to experiment playing sections of Nocturnal on his Renaissance lute, and soon decided to make a transcription of the complete work.

Nocturnal is based on John Dowland’s four-part song Come, Heavy Sleep, and inspired by this, Jakob Lindberg has placed it as the centre piece of a recital with mostly Elizabethan pieces, many of which also evoke aspects of the night. Dowland himself is represented by a selection of six lute solos, while the opening section consists of five pieces by Dowland’s older colleague Anthony Holborne. The closing track is by Holborne’s contemporary, John Johnson, and bids the listener Good Night and Good Rest.
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  Anthony Holborne
01 The Honeysuckle 1'45
02 Muy Linda  1'22
03 The Night Watch  1'37
04 Countess of Pembroke’s Paradise 4'21
05 The Fairy Round 1'27
  Edward Collard
06 Go From My Window  3'20
07 Hugh Aston’s Ground 4'47
  Daniel Bacheler
08 Pavan  5'01
  John Danyel
09 Mrs Anne Grene her Leaves be Green 4'52
10 The Flowers of the Forest 1'05
11 Remember me at Evening 1'22
12 The English Nightingale 2'58
  William Byrd
13 Lullaby  3'56
  Benjamin Britten, John Dowland
14 Nocturnal, after John Dowland, Op. 70 17'48
  John Dowland
15 A Dream 2'41
16 A Fancy  2'41
17 Orlando Sleepeth 1'15
18 Galliard to Lachrimae 3'03
19 Mr Dowland’s Midnight 0'56
20 Farewell 5'30
  John Johnson
21 Passingmeasures Pavan 2'57
22 Carman’s Whistle 2'22
23 Good Night and Good Rest 4'40
  Album total 83'17
LuteLindberg, Jakob
Bacheler, Daniel
Britten, Benjamin
Byrd, William
Collard, Edward
Danyel, John
Dowland, John
Holborne, Anthony
Johnson, John
ArrangerCutting, Francis

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