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Fallen to Dust - English Song Recital

Composer George Butterworth
Wolseley Charles
Rebecca Clarke
Charles Dibdin
Jonathan Dove
Sir Edward Elgar
Errollyn Wallen
Gerald Finzi
Ivor Gurney
Liza Lehmann
Arthur Somervell
Ralph Vaughan Williams
Performer Joseph Middleton
James Newby
Catalogue Number BIS-2595 SACD
EAN 7318599925950
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
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Release date Apr 2023
Total time 84'47

Upcoming release - available starting 7th April 2023
James Newby wished to dedicate his second disc on BIS to his sister Laura who passed away in 2015, her daughter and his mother. After singing Gerald Finzi’s ‘Fear no more the heat o’ the sun’ at her funeral, he felt it fitting that the cycle from which it is taken, Let us Garlands Bring, would form the centrepiece of the programme. Alongside this cycle, pianist Joseph Middleton and Newby have designed a programme of English songs that reflect on themes of loss, grief and death – but also joy, love and healing with varying styles, sound worlds and atmospheres.
George Butterworth, Rebecca Clarke, Edward Elgar, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Benjamin Britten, Liza Lehmann and Errollyn Wallen are just some of the composers who complete the programme, including Arthur Somervell with his cycle ‘A Shropshire Lad’. Like Heinrich Heine’s poems that Schumann used for his famous cycle Dichterliebe, these poems by Alfred Edward Housman deal with unrequited love in first person lyrics. This disc ends on a lighter note with the whimsical song, ‘The Green-eyed Dragon’ by Wolseley Charles, which often concludes live performances as an encore.
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  Jonathan Dove
01 All You Who Sleep Tonight 2'04
  George Butterworth
02 Requiescat 3'14
  Rebecca Clarke
03 The Seal Man 5'20
  Gerald Finzi
04 The Clock of the Years 5'01
  Let Us Garlands Bring 14'45
05 I. Come away, come away, death 3'27
06 II. Who is Silvia? 1'32
07 III. Fear no more the heat o' the sun 5'15
08 IV. O Mistress Mine 1'52
09 V. It was a lover and his lass 2'39
10 The Three Ravens 3'52
  Ivor Gurney
11 By a Bierside 4'19
  Sir Edward Elgar
12 Pleading 2'52
  Ralph Vaughan Williams
13 The Sky above the Roof 2'52
  Arthur Somervell
  A Shropshire Lad 22'04
14 I. Loveliest of Trees, the Cherry now 2'13
15 II. When I was one-and-twenty 1'07
16 III. There pass the careless people 1'33
17 IV. In summer-time on Bredon 3'07
18 V. The Street sounds to the Soldiers' tread 1'59
19 VI. On the idle hill of Summer 2'33
20 VII. White in the moon the long road lies 3'17
21 VIII. Think no more, Lad, laugh, be jolly 1'38
22 IX. Into my Heart an Air that kills 2'02
23 X. The Lads in their hundreds 2'35
  Charles Dibdin
24 Tom Bowling 4'31
  Ivor Gurney
25 Dearest, when I am dead 1'43
  Liza Lehmann
26 Henry King 2'54
  Errollyn Wallen
27 About Here 4'44
  Wolseley Charles
28 The Green-Eyed Dragon 4'19
  Album total 84'47
ComposerButterworth, George
Charles, Wolseley
Clarke, Rebecca
Dibdin, Charles
Dove, Jonathan
Elgar, Sir Edward
Errollyn Wallen
Finzi, Gerald
Gurney, Ivor
Lehmann, Liza
Somervell, Arthur
Vaughan Williams, Ralph
BaritoneNewby, James
PianoMiddleton, Joseph
ArrangerBritten, Benjamin
Ireland, John

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