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Anne Sofie von Otter - A Simple Song

Composer Leonard Bernstein
Aaron Copland
Maurice Duruflé
Charles E. Ives
Franz Liszt
Gustav Mahler
Frank Martin
Olivier Messiaen
Francis Poulenc
Arvo Pärt
Richard Rodgers
Richard Strauss
Performer Bengt Forsberg
Anne Sofie von Otter
Period Romantic
Catalogue Number BIS-2327 SACD
EAN 7318599923277
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
SACD Surround - SACD Stereo - CD Stereo

Release date Nov 2018
Total time 69'01

Album promo video
A brief glance at the list of contents is enough to reveal who the singer is – only Anne Sofie von Otter could have come up with a programme as varied and wide-ranging. And only von Otter could hold it together seamlessly by finding the resonances between these very different pieces, and bringing them out with a rare ability of embracing different singing styles and expressive registers:&&& to paraphrase Bernstein in his A Simple Song, Anne Sofie von Otter never fails to ‘sing like she likes to sing’.

From Liszt to Pärt and from Mahler’s Resurrection Symphony to Richard Rodgers’ Sound of Music, von Otter is supported by her long-time accompanist Bengt Forsberg, here at the organ instead of his usual piano. At various points in the programme they are joined by a number of musical friends, in the organ loft of St James’s Church in central Stockholm – the very church where the young von Otter began her singing career as a chorister and, together with Forsberg, gave one of her very first public concerts.
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  Leonard Bernstein
01 A Simple Song, from Mass 4'30
  Aaron Copland
02 I’ve heard an organ talk sometimes 2'05
  Charles E. Ives
03 Serenity 2'27
  Gustav Mahler
04 Es sungen drei Engel 4'08
05 Urlicht 5'03
  Richard Strauss
06 Traum durch die Dämmerung 2'45
07 Morgen 4'04
  Arvo Pärt
08 My Heart’s in the Highlands 7'00
  Maurice Duruflé
09 Pie Jesu, from Requiem 3'39
  Olivier Messiaen
  Trois mélodies (1930) 6'24
10 Pourquoi ? 2'01
11 Le sourire 1'42
12 La fiancée perdue 2'41
  Francis Poulenc
13 Priez pour paix 2'02
  Frank Martin
14 Agnus Dei, from Requiem 5'50
  Arvo Pärt
15 Es sang vor langen Jahren 4'48
  Franz Liszt
16 Ave Maria III (Sposalizio), S. 60 7'26
  Richard Rodgers
  from The Sound of Music
17 Climb ev’ry mountain 4'33
  Album total 69'01
Bernstein, Leonard
Bierbaum, Otto Julius
Brentano, Clemens
Dickinson, Emily
Hammerstein II, Oscar
Mackay, John Henry
Messiaen, Olivier
Orleans, Charles d'
Sauvage, Cecile
Schwartz, Stephen
Whittier, John Greenleaf
ComposerBernstein, Leonard
Copland, Aaron
Duruflé, Maurice
Ives, Charles E.
Liszt, Franz
Mahler, Gustav
Martin, Frank
Messiaen, Olivier
Poulenc, Francis
Pärt, Arvo
Rodgers, Richard
Strauss, Richard
Electric guitarFredriksson, Fabian
Mezzo-sopranoOtter, Anne Sofie von
OrganForsberg, Bengt
FluteBezaly, Sharon
HarpNilsson, Margareta
ViolinSparf, Nils-Erik
CelloMcLeod, Marie
ViolaNisbeth, Ellen

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