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ORBI - the Oscillating Revenge of the Background Instruments

Symphonic rock & metal songs in unique arrangements
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There are instruments and then there are instruments … On the one hand a violin, trumpet or lead guitar so firmly planted in the spotlight that everyone else on stage is reduced to a supporting role. On the other a bassoon, double bass, drum set or Hammond organ, providing the harmonic and rhythmic backdrop against which the soloist can shine. But what if the background instruments rebel? What if they strike back?&&& ORBI – the Oscillating Revenge of the Background Instruments – is the result: four musicians making their bass-heavy instruments howl and growl (and sing!) in a mix of symphonic rock, thrusting metal and a little blues, 100% instrumental and lead-singer free. Of this Dutch quartet, Bram (on bassoon) and Rick (double bass) both pursue high-profile careers in classical music. Marijn (percussion) is classically trained but also studied in West Africa and India, and is active in many musical genres as well as multimedia projects. And keyboardist Sven Figee, finally, plays jazz, pop and rock in various constellations. Choosing from their own favourite playlists, and with the help of arranger Marijn van Prooijen, they have come up with a mix of music and sounds that is as weird and wonderful as it is surprising and addictive.
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  Matthew Bellamy
01 Uprising (Muse) 4'56
  John Jones, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant
  Since I've been loving you
02 Since I've been loving you (Led Zeppelin) 7'02
  Kevin Labrie, John Myung, John Petrucci, Michael Portnoy, Jordan Rudess
03 Octavarium (Dream Theater) 16'19
  Cliff Burton, James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich
  Fight fire with fire
04 Fight fire with fire (Metallica) 5'07
  Roger Waters
  Hey you
05 Hey you (Pink Floyd) 4'39
  Cliff Burton, James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich
06 Orion (Metallica) 7'16
  Kerry Minnear, Derek Shulman, Ray Shulman
07 Proclamation (Gentle Giant) 6'24
  Emil Tabakov
08 Motivy 4'04
  Cliff Burton
  (Anesthesia) Pulling teeth
09 (Anesthesia) Pulling teeth (Metallica) 3'24
  Matthew Bellamy
  Supermassive black hole
10 Supermassive black hole (Muse) 3'31
  Hannes Grossmann, Florian Magnus Maier
11 Cthulhu (Alkaloid) 5'48
  Bertolt Brecht, Kurt Weill
  Alabama song
12 Alabama song (The Doors) 3'18
  Album total 72'53
ComposerBellamy, Matthew
Brecht, Bertolt
Burton, Cliff
Grossmann, Hannes
Hetfield, James
Jones, John
Labrie, Kevin
Maier, Florian Magnus
Minnear, Kerry
Myung, John
Page, Jimmy
Petrucci, John
Plant, Robert
Portnoy, Michael
Rudess, Jordan
Shulman, Derek
Shulman, Ray
Tabakov, Emil
Ulrich, Lars
Waters, Roger
Weill, Kurt
Double bassStotijn, Rick
ArrangerProoijen, Marijn van
BassoonSambeek, Bram van
PercussionKorff de Gidts, Marijn
PianoProoijen, Marijn van
Hammond organFigee, Sven
DrumsKorff de Gidts, Marijn

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