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Canteloube - Chants d'Auvergne

Composer Joseph Canteloube
Performer Carolyn Sampson
Tapiola Sinfonietta
Pascal Rophé, conductor
Period Impressionism
Catalogue Number BIS-2513 SACD
EAN 7318599925134
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
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Release date Sep 2021
Total time 69'02

That Baïlèro, a shepherd’s song from the highlands of Auvergne sung in the Occitan dialect of the area, should become a favourite with singers ranging from Victoria de los Angeles to Sarah Brightman by way of Renée Fleming and Karita Mattila, is all because of Marie-Joseph Canteloube de Malaret. As a budding composer in Paris in the 1900s, Canteloube was unable to interest himself in the various musical cliques and currents. Instead &&&he looked for inspiration in Auvergne in central France where he was born, starting to collect the songs of the farmers and shepherds that lived in the mountainous region. But he did so as a composer rather than a musicologist, and between 1923 and 1954 he published a total of thirty Chants d’Auvergne, arranged, harmonized and sumptuously orchestrated.

The result is, one might say, idealized folk music: Canteloube largely respects the melodic line of the originals, but adds instrumental introductions, interludes and postludes, and gives an important role to the woodwind section. For the present disc, Carolyn Sampson and Pascal Rophé have selected 25 of the songs – ranging from love songs and lullabies to working songs and laments. They perform them together with Tapiola Sinfonietta, bringing sparkle to Canteloube's luxurious scores halfway between the impressionism of Debussy and the bucolic lyricism of d'Indy.
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01 La pastoura als camps (La bergère aux champs) 2'37
02 Bailèro (Chant de bergers de Haute-Auvergne) 5'41
03 L'aio dè rotso (L'eau de source) 1'13
04 Ound' onorèn gorda ? (Où irons-nous garder ?) 3'11
05 Obal din lou Limouzi (La-bas dans le Limousin) 2'43
06 Pastourelle 3'25
07 La delaissádo (La delaissée) 4'18
08 N'ai pas iéu de mio (Je n'ai pas d'amie) 3'56
09 Lo calhé (La caille) 1'49
10 Lo fiolairé (La fileuse) 2'21
11 Passo pel prat (Viens par le pré) 3'04
12 Lou boussu (Le bossu) 2'12
13 Brezairola (Berceuse) 3'05
14 Malurous qu'o uno fenno (Malheureux qui a une femme) 1'39
15 Jou l'Pount d'o Mirabel (Au Pont de Mirabel) 4'08
16 Oi ayai 3'06
17 Per l'èfon (Pour l'enfant) 2'37
18 Tchut, tchut 2'05
19 Lou coucut (Le coucou) 1'56
20 Quan z'eyro petitoune (Lorsque j'étais petite) 2'42
21 Là-haut, sur le rocher 3'56
22 Hé ! beyla-z-y dau fé ! (Hé ! donne-lui du foin !) 1'54
23 Tè, l'co, tè (Va, l'chien, va !) 0'40
24 Uno jionto postouro (Une jolie bergère) 2'48
25 Lou diziou bé (On disait bien) 1'43
  Album total 69'02
SopranoSampson, Carolyn
OrchestraTapiola Sinfonietta
ConductorPascal Rophé

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