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Berlin Recital

Composer Audience
Johannes Brahms
Alexey Konstantinovich Lebedev
Jan Sandström
Maria Schneider
Daniel Schnyder
Stjepan Sulek
Performer Aleksandar Ivic
Tomoko Sawano
Stefan Schulz
Julian Sulzberger
Catalogue Number BIS-1824 CD
EAN 7318590018248
Format CD
Release date Sep 2010
Total time 56'22

“Hier ist ein Meister am Werk.” Das Orchester
“Eine reiche Vielfalt an Ausdrucks- und Farbnuancen...” ensemble
"An impressive disc... surely a must for anybody with an interest in the bass trombone." MusicWeb International

A member of the Berlin Philharmonic since 2002, Stefan Schulz is one of the world's leading bass trombonists. As implied by the title of this recording - his first solo disc -, it is a recital programme recorded live at a concert in the Chamber Music Hall of the Berliner Philharmonie in 2008. &&&The programme has been chosen to emphasize the various facets of the bass trombone and in particular its ability to play music of a songful character. This certainly applies to Brahms' Four Serious Songs, as well as the cantabile works by Lebedev and Sulek which both seem to point to the sonorities of Romanticism; but it is equally true of Jan Sandström's wonderfully simple Song to Lotta, appearing as an encore. To balance the programme Schulz has included a work by Daniel Schnyder, the New York-based composer and saxophonist with whom he collaborates closely. subZERO, Schnyder's concerto for bass trombone, places great emphasis on virtuosity and reaches out in the direction of jazz. Here performed in the composer's own chamber version (for the first time available on disc), this virtuoso composition also provides variety in terms of sound as it includes marimba, percussion and violin as well as piano.
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  Applause 1'10
01 Applause 0'11
  Johannes Brahms
  Vier ernste Gesänge, Op.121 for bass trombone and piano 15'04
02 1. Denn es gehet dem Menschen wie dem Vieh 3'48
03 2. Ich wandte mich und sahe an alle 3'25
04 3. O Tod, wie bitter bist du 2'41
05 4. Wenn ich mit Menschen- und mit Engelszungen redete 5'10
  Stjepan Sulek
06 Sonata ‘Vox Gabrieli’ for trombone and piano 7'40
  Alexei Lebedev
07 Concerto No. 1 for bass trombone and piano 7'20
  Daniel Schnyder
  subZERO – concerto for bass trombone; Version for bass
trombone, piano, percussion and violin
08 I. subZERO 8'39
09 II. Sama’i Thaqil 7'25
10 III. ZOOM OUT 3'03
  Applause 1'10
11 Applause 0'59
  Jan Sandström
12 Song to Lotta 4'24
  Album total 56'22
Brahms, Johannes
Lebedev, Alexei
Sandström, Jan
Schnyder, Daniel
Sulek, Stjepan
PianoSawano, Tomoko
Bass tromboneSchulz, Stefan
MarimbaSchneider, Maria
PercussionSulzberger, Julian
ViolinIvic, Aleksandar

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