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C.P.E. Bach - Solo Keyboard Music, Vol.12

Composer Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
Performer Miklós Spányi
Period Baroque
Catalogue Number BIS-1198 CD
EAN 7318590011980
Format CD
Release date Jul 2004
Total time 66'00

According to most reviewers, any disc in this series is self-recommending. Miklós Spányi's survey of the keyboard music of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach has opened up a musical universe which has been closed to the general public for almost 200 years. Emanuel Bach was in many ways a musical chameleon, who during his long and immensely productive career employed a large number of styles and tried his hand at various forms and genres. On the present disc, as always accompanied by learned and informative liner notes by Dr. Darrell M. Berg, the programme is even more varied than usual. The pendant to BIS-CD-1087 (Sonatas & 'Petites Pièces' 1), it contains seven brief (between 3-6 minute long) character pieces - a genre popular at the time, in which the composer attempted to draw musical protraits of persons in his immediate surroundings. This time, Miklós Spányi brings back to life - at least in music - the poet Johann Wilhelm Ludwig Gleim and physician and court councillor Georg Ernst Stahl among others. One of these character pieces, L'Aly Rupalich, was possibly originally intended as a musical self-portrait. (In the words of Darrell M. Berg it 'displays an artless surface that hides a complex character'!) These shorter pieces intersperse the three sonatas that make up the greater part of the programme.
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  Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
  Keyboard Sonata in B minor, Wq. 62/22, H. 132 10'02
01 I. Allegro 5'17
02 II. Adagio 3'23
03 III. Allegretto 1'22
  La Prinzette, Wq. 117/21, H. 91
04 La Prinzette, W. 117/21, H. 91 3'12
  L'Aly Rupalich, Wq. 117/27, H. 95
05 L'Aly Rupalich, W. 117/27, H. 95 3'23
06 La Gleim, W. 117/19, H. 89 4'27
  Keyboard Sonata in E minor, Wq. 65/30, H. 106 10'19
07 I. Allegretto 4'46
08 II. Andante 2'40
09 III. Allegretto 2'53
  La Stahl, Wq. 117/25, H. 94
10 La Stahl, W. 117/25, H. 94 6'24
  La Bergius, Wq. 117/20, H. 90
11 La Bergius, W. 117/20, H. 90 3'04
12 La Buchholtz, Wq. 117/24, H. 93 3'48
  L'Herrmann, Wq. 117/23, H. 92
13 L'Herrmann, W. 117/23, H. 92 2'52
  Keyboard Sonata in A minor, Wq. 62/21, H. 131 16'34
14 I. Allegretto 8'32
15 II. Adagio 2'14
16 III. Allegretto siciliano e scherzando 5'48
  Album total 66'00
ComposerBach, Carl Philipp Emanuel
ClavichordSpányi, Miklós

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