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Thirteen Drums - Japanese percussion solos

Composer Toshi Ichiyanagi
Maki Ishii
Hideki Kozakura
Minoru Miki
Akira Miyoshi
Yasuo Sueyoshi
Performer Mika Takehara
Catalogue Number BIS-1303 CD
EAN 7318590013038
Format CD
Release date May 2004
Total time 75'39

“Thirteen Drums” is not only the title of this disc, but also of what is probably the most well-known of the works recorded on it. Mika Takehara, the young Japanese percussionist whose recording début this is, has chosen works by six of her countrymen in a programme which focuses on the marimba. (Takehara’s teacher was the famous marimba virtuoso Keiko Abe, for whom several of this works were composed.) The two works for full percussion is the already mentioned Thirteen Drums, by veteran Maki Ishii, and Johali, by his much younger colleague Hideki Kozakura (b. 1970). The rest of the disc is taken up by pieces for solo marimba: a shimmering, kaleidoscopic universe of ripples and mirages, colours and rhythms.
The gifted Mika Takehara, now resident in Sweden, is an ideal guide to the land of Japanese percussion music, so don’t miss the opportunity!
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  Yasuo Sueyoshi
01 Mirage for marimba 9'04
  Maki Ishii
02 Thirteen Drums for percussion solo 13'43
  Akira Miyoshi
03 Ripple for marimba 10'29
  Hideki Kozakura
  Johali for solo percussion 16'44
04 I. 8'57
05 II. 7'47
  Toshi Ichiyanagi
06 Portrait of Forest for solo marimba 10'44
  Minoru Miki
07 Time for marimba 13'12
  Album total 75'39
PercussionTakehara, Mika
ComposerIchiyanagi, Toshi
Ishii, Maki
Kozakura, Hideki
Miki, Minoru
Miyoshi, Akira
Sueyoshi, Yasuo

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