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Dvořák - Violin Concerto

Composer Antonín Dvorák
Performer Richard Tognetti
Nordic Chamber Orchestra
Christian Lindberg, conductor
Period Romantic
Catalogue Number BIS-1708 CD
EAN 7318590017081
Format CD
Release date Mar 2010
Total time 70'17

International Record Review: outstanding.

Richard Tognetti records the Dvorak Violin Concerto (~ 3 min.)

When Dvorák in 1879 began to compose his Violin Concerto, he followed the pattern set by Brahms by dedicating the work to the great violinist Joseph Joachim, and sending it to the dedicatee for advice. &&&He may have regretted this afterwards, as Joachim in return let him have a set of suggestions which caused Dvorák to rewrite the work completely. He then had to wait two long years before receiving the verdict on the new version: in Joachim's opinion, the concerto was still not ready. In 1882, after going through the score once more with the violinist, Dvorák made further revisions, but when his publisher also asked for changes to be done, the composer refused. The crowning irony was that when the work was finally performed, the solo part wasn't played by Joachim, after all. While waiting to finalize the concerto Dvorák did not remain idle, however. One of the works he composed in the meantime was Legends, a cycle of ten pieces for two pianos, which he shortly afterwards orchestrated. The result charmed the audiences as well other musicians, for instance Brahms, who wrote: 'one envies the fresh, cheerful and rich resourcefulness of the man.' Performing these two works are the acclaimed Australian violinist Richard Tognetti, as soloist in the concerto, and the Nordic Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Christian Lindberg. The same players have teamed up before on disc, namely on Nordic Showcase, an anthology of works for chamber orchestra. In the reviews of that disc, Tognetti's performance was described by the reviewer in International Record Review as 'music-making at a truly exalted level . the most enraptured and heartfelt rendering of the inexplicably neglected Svendsen Romance that I have ever heard.' The orchestra and its conductor received equally lavish praise, for instance in American Record Guide: 'a very well chosen smorgasbord of Nordic music, a cunning mixture of the known and the truly novel . played with the utmost feeling and with gem-like purity of tone.'
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  Antonín Dvorák
  Violin Concerto in A minor, Op.53 30'42
01 I. Allegro ma non troppo 11'38
02 II. Adagio ma non troppo 9'18
03 III. Finale. Allegro giocoso ma non troppo 9'46
  Legends, Op.59 37'57
04 No.1 in D minor. Allegretto 3'07
05 No.2 in G major. Molto moderato 3'52
06 No.3 in G minor. Allegro giusto 4'03
07 No.4 in C major. Molto maestoso 5'34
08 No.5 in A flat major. Allegro giusto 3'58
09 No.6 in C sharp minor. Allegro con moto 4'17
10 No.7 in A major. Allegretto grazioso 2'50
11 No.8 in F major. Un poco allegretto e grazioso 3'48
12 No.9 in D major. Andante con moto 2'21
13 No.10 in B flat minor. Andante 4'07
  Album total 70'17
ComposerDvorák, Antonín
ViolinTognetti, Richard
ConductorLindberg, Christian
OrchestraNordic Chamber Orchestra

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